Baby-Changing Facilities: Maintenance and Responsibility

baby changing

Offering baby changing facilities in your premises can make a real difference to the parents that visit your business, and (provided that the spaces are well-maintained) this is often cited as the foundation of a good first impression.

At TWC, we offer full baby changing facilities services, from equipment installation to service maintenance.

The Importance of Accessibility

Picture this: a potential client visits your premises with their baby and asks you to point them to a place in which they can change and soothe their infant. Offering them an easily-accessible, well-maintained and welcoming space which provides full facilities can be a compelling example of your attention to detail and commitment to accessibility. On the other hand, if you do not have adequate provisions, they are difficult to access (no stairs!) or they are not exemplifying a high standard of cleanliness, this can lead to a poor impression and the likelihood that your business will not be used by that parent or carer in future.

Provision and Maintenance

The TWC team can provide both vertically and horizontally mounted baby changing stations that are safe and hygienic. Our equipment is both safe and hygienic, meaning that cleaning (both regularly and intensively) is easy and effective. Your in-house cleaning staff can handle this, or you are welcome to outsource it to us as part of our ongoing services.

Services to Suit You

We understand that the services and facilities that you require depend on your individual business, so we will work with you to provide a package that suits you. For example, if your baby changing facilities are in high traffic premises (for example, in a restaurant or school), you may need weekly checks.

To discuss your specific baby changing facility needs, please contact us.

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