Bio-Fogging: What, and Why?

bio fogging

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many businesses to start looking for more effective cleaning methods for their facilities, enabling them to better protect their staff and clients.

TWC Facilities provides bio-fogging services that can help you to sanitise your workplace– in this blog, we will explain how and why you should utilise this method.

What is Bio-Fogging?

Bio-fogging uses a high velocity jet of vaporised liquid disinfectant, and is a well-proven, safe, deep sterilisation process. It can be used in multi-surface closed environments, and is equally effective on hard and soft surfaces. It can even be utilised to cleanse walls and ceilings. Bio-fogging is particularly effective on high-traffic areas, and helps to remove build-ups of pathogens and pollutants in the air. Once the fog quickly disperses, the treated area is immediately ready for use again.

Bio-Fogging Benefits

There are many benefits to bio-fogging over traditional cleaning with wipes or sponges. The process can reduce odours, freshen your premises, and also cleanse the air. Bio-fogging removes human errors, making sure that there are no missed spots, and that the disinfectant has adequate contact with surfaces in order to work most effectively. Furthermore, cleaning with a single cloth can cause cross-contamination, but when bio-fogging there is no transfer whatsoever between surfaces.

How Can TWC Help?

Our expert team can bio-fog your premises with a solution containing the active ingredient of stabilised Chlorine Dioxide, which is effective against a broad range of pathogens. This process helps to prevent the spread of infections like Norovirus and Influenza, meaning that your workplace can run smoothly and safely.

For more information on bio-fogging, please contact us.

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