Ask the Experts: Types of Waste

As waste disposal experts, the TWC team receive plenty of questions about the rules, regulations and intricacies of different categories of waste. In this blog, we explain what each kind of waste is, and the procedures and considerations…
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Fun Facts about Washrooms

The TWC team have collected their favourite washroom facts for you — read on for space toilets, sanitiser, and bathtubs full of bubbles!   You will spend at least 92 days using the toilet during your lifetime. That…
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TWC teams up with Community Works

Thirsk-based TWC Facilities Ltd has selected Thirsk Community Works as its nominated charity, in recognition of the importance of its work in the town and surrounding villages. Thirsk Community Works provides services including a food bank, a re:use…
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Water Saving Week: Every Drop Counts

Every May, we observe Water Saving Week — 2024 is the eighth annual event!  In this blog, we explain what this awareness week entails, and how you can get involved in conserving water and saving the planet.  …
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The History of Bathrooms

The bathroom as we know it has come a long way — in prehistoric times, your bath could be 40 feet long, and if you visited the Palace of Versailles before 1768, there would be no toilets available…
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Inclusive Bathrooms: Hygiene Bins for All

There are plenty of simple steps that you can take to make your washrooms more inclusive in the workplace — so, have you considered installing hygiene bins in all your washrooms? Providing Hygiene Bins for Men When asked…
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IBS Awareness Month

April is IBS Awareness Month! Read on to find out more about this condition, and how you can get involved in raising awareness for people living with IBS. What is IBS? IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is a…
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New Year, New Habits

Happy New Year from everyone at TWC! Around the office, we have been discussing our New Year’s Resolutions, both personally and for the business. It got us thinking – what sort of habits are ideal for both professional…
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