Counting Down and Stocking Up with TWC

We are getting closer and closer to – brace yourselves – Christmas! One of our engineers joked the other day that our vending machines reminded him of advent calendars, and that chuckle got us thinking about the services we provide. In this blog, we will be looking forward to the festive season, and explaining how TWC can help you to keep your washrooms merry and bright.

When is a Vending Machine like an Advent Calendar?

Granted, your children might be a bit peeved if they opened their advent calendars to find sanitary products or hygiene supplies, but when you are caught short in your workplace, these items are at the top of your wishlist. By supplying vending machines, you are making a commitment to your employees that you will provide the items inside if they should need them, and shows that they can rely on you. It is vitally important to make sure that every time they open the door, the item they are expecting is available behind it.

Vending Machine and Washroom Services

vending machine can make a great first impression on a visiting customer, and contributes to the wellbeing of your staff. By going above and beyond to provide useful products, your company signifies that you plan ahead, show excellent attention to detail, and highly value your people. You can also customise your vending services to align with your vision and budget. Whether you have a tiny washroom, a huge space, or require multiple machines, TWC has an option to suit you.

Talk to the TWC Team

At TWC, we can provide both dual and multi-vending machines that are both convenient and efficient. Our team will install your machine of choice and regularly restock and maintain it discreetly. TWC vending services include modern and stylish designs for each machine, anti-vandal features, and your choice of popular branded refills.

To discuss vending services for your business, you can contact the TWC team here.

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