Do Your Bit: Urinal Water Saving for Earth Day

water saving system

Earth Day 2023 will fall on 22nd April, and this year the theme is “Invest In Our Planet”. In this blog, the TWC team has put together some information on a useful way that your business could save both money and the planet – and it starts in the washrooms!

What Is A Water Saving System?

A water saving system is placed into each urinal, that regulates the flow of water to ensure that it is shut off when not in use. This ensures that your bathroom is not wasting water, which can be a costly problem for both your utility budget and the environment. It also demonstrates to your staff and visitors that you are committed to being environmentally responsible.

How Does This Help the Environment?

As the Earth Day website states, “investing in a green economy is the only path to a healthy, prosperous, and equitable future”. Whilst it may seem like a small choice on a case-by-case basis, if more businesses invested in urinal water saving systems, it would massively reduce water wastage. Although roughly 70% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, only about 1% of it is fresh water available for human consumption, so this is a finite resource that requires conservation.

How Can TWC Help?

Our expert team can not only install these devices, but maintain them for you with ongoing visits. We also offer urinal sleeves, which can manage unpleasant odours, and also reduce the chance of blockages that can cause water backflow. Our urinal services can be paired with any of our other washroom services, with packages tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your business.

For more information on urinal water saving systems, please contact us.

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