Entrance & Dust Mats: Safe, Dry and Looking Good!

The entrance is a vitally important aspect of your premises — welcoming existing or potential customers to the site, giving your staff a pleasant start to the workday, and forming the first impression of your business.


Entrance Mats: Health and Hygiene

Serviced entrance mats can do more than facilitate a professional image; they help to maintain the safety of your premises. A serviced entrance mat can minimise the dirt and moisture that peoples’ shoes carry into the building, ensuring that your floors do not become dangerously slippery. This is particularly useful during the winter months but helps to promote cleanliness all year round.


The Benefits of Entrance Mats

Avoiding trips, slips and falls is a vital benefit of entrance mats. By stopping dirt and moisture from entering the building, they can also save money on floor cleaning costs, and reduce overall grime in your workplace. Their benefits can be felt throughout the building, not just in the entrance, as every pair of shoes stepping through the door are left cleaner. Entrance mats can even be optimised to provide a welcoming and professional atmosphere by customising them with your company logo or a safety message of your choice!


How Can TWC Group Help?

At TWC, we offer a vast range of entrance matting to suit both the inside and outside of your building. They are available in many different sizes or can be made in a specific bespoke size if required — any space can be accommodated. We can also help you to customise and personalise your entrance mats, keeping your building safe and sleek at the same time.


For more information on our range of serviced entrance mats, you can contact the team here.

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