Father’s Day: Bathrooms, Babies, and Gender Equality

As Father’s Day approaches (this year it falls on June 16th), we want to celebrate the father figures in our lives by raising awareness of an often-overlooked flaw in public and commercial washrooms — the baby changing facilities. Read on to find out more about the issues that fathers face!

Inequality and Gender Bias

in 2018, a viral photograph posted by a father called Donte Palmer highlighted a huge and common problem — baby-changing facilities are normally installed exclusively in the women’s bathroom. Forced to change his toddler’s nappy on his lap, Palmer pointed out that this left the burden of nappy changes solely on mothers and made life incredibly difficult and unsanitary for fathers.

Public Washrooms and the Lack of Viable Options

In 2019, the Office of National Statistics noted that almost 15% of UK families were single-parent households, meaning that single fathers with young children had to choose between the awkwardness of entering the women’s or disabled bathroom to use the changing facilities, or finding another way to ensure their child was clean and cared for. This could include changing their child in a public space, or contorting themselves like Wilder did in order to keep the process as sanitary as possible.

Fathers Deserve Better

The majority of fathers are active and engaged in their children’s lives, and want to have access to the same facilities as female caregivers; to be able to change nappies and keep their babies comfortable. This Father’s Day, we want to encourage our clients — and the general public — to join the growing number of businesses and individuals actioning change in this inequality. Installing changing tables in men’s washrooms might seem like a small adjustment, but it can make a huge difference to the lives of fathers everywhere.

Happy Father’s Day from everyone here at TWC! To find out more about our washroom services, you can contact our team here.

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