Feminine Hygiene Services: How Can TWC Help?

feminine hygiene services

The washroom is one of the most high-traffic areas in your facility, which can make maintaining it a challenge – so why not outsource this to the professionals? TWC provides comprehensive feminine hygiene services to help you keep your clients comfortable.

A Welcoming Environment

Feminine hygiene services revolve around two equally important provisions: offering the correct bins for sanitary items, and ensuring timely waste collection services to empty them. If these two requirements are not met, those using the bins will not have a pleasant and clean experience in your washroom, which may lead to a negative impression of your facility.

TWC: Equipment and Services

Our team are experts in both of the aforementioned tasks, so you can trust the professionals to keep your washroom functional and hygienic. We provide modern, stylish and unobtrusive bins that can be fitted to any washroom, ensuring that even the smallest spaces can still be inclusive. We also arrange frequent collections of these bins to suit you, providing a replacement quickly and discreetly. This avoids disruption for your staff, and ensures that your washrooms are always welcoming.

How Can We Help?

There are rules and requirements governing the collection of feminine hygiene waste – but never fear, TWC can handle that too. Once your bins have been quickly removed and replaced, we provide Duty of Care paperwork to ensure compliance. We also work with our clients to design a suitable collection schedule, based on cost-effectiveness and the number of people using your facilities. This can be scaled as required, and we provide these services across Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, and the North East.

To discuss feminine hygiene services for your business, please contact us.

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