New Year, New Habits

new year new habits

Happy New Year from everyone at TWC! Around the office, we have been discussing our New Year’s Resolutions, both personally and for the business. It got us thinking – what sort of habits are ideal for both professional settings and personal growth? Here are some of our top picks, which we will be focusing on in 2024.


Not only is it a creative way to process emotions and work through any problems you might face, but journaling provides a written record of your life that you can look back on fondly later. The principles of journaling are also present in good business practices – keeping well-organised records, protecting data, and approaching problems methodically. This year we are committed to optimising our record-keeping even further, and looking at issues from every angle to help our customers find the best solutions.

Time Management

Time management can be a challenge (very few of us enjoy an early morning!), but it is so important to get it right in a business context. Being timely is about more than just efficiency – it signifies that you respect the time and effort of those around you, improves your reputation as detail-oriented and conscientious, and ensures that you are prepared at all times. It can be a small habit that opens plenty of doors, so definitely worth focusing on in the new year.

Using Trusted Suppliers

Building strong business relationships can set up every new year to be successful. Just as individuals have brand loyalties to specific products and shops, businesses that choose suppliers that they trust can enjoy an understanding and a flexibility that facilitates better business practices. For example, at TWC, our supplier of washroom consumables has been established for 25 years, and we have worked with them extensively to provide the best quality products. Benefitting from the knowledge of experienced experts is the perfect resolution to set yourself this new year, both at work and at home.

To talk to us about meeting your washroom needs in 2024, you can contact the TWC team here.

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