Soap and Hygiene: Protecting Your People

washroom soap

If we asked you to name your business priorities, how long would the list become before you reached maintaining the soap in your washroom?

It would likely be mentioned after taking care of your staff, maintaining a clean facility, and impressing your visitors. The reality is that, to achieve those things, you need to pay attention to your soap.

Spare a Thought for Soap
Mixing fatty acids, lye, and water was the method for preparing early forms of soap, first used by the Ancient Mesopotamians; thankfully, it has come a long way since then! These days, soaps are carefully formulated in laboratory settings to provide superior antibacterial qualities, moisturisation, scent, and consistency. As a result, soap can be tailored to suit the particular requirements of the individual, from hypoallergenic and scent-free options to a variety of bars, foams, liquids and gels.

Pandemics and Protection
The COVID-19 pandemic left the nation’s attention firmly on its hands, as advice on thorough washing and personal hygiene safety was circulated by the government. As employers, a key responsibility through this time was to provide adequate hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities for staff, and to encourage them to sanitise their workspace when required. In fact, research indicates that hand washing can reduce bacteria on the hands by up to 80%.

Soap Dispensers – The Hygienic Option
The best option for soap provision in the workplace is a dispenser– a simple bar of soap is not enough! We stock a variety of soap dispenser styles and types, as well as an assortment of soaps to fill them. To discuss your specific needs, and which options would work best for your business, you can contact the TWC team.

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