The Germiest Spot in the Washroom: Place Your Bets!

washroom germs

The washroom is the one room in your workplace that everyone is likely to enter, which also makes it a risk area for the spreading of germs.

An unpleasant washroom can create a terrible first impression for clients and lower staff morale, but even a visibly clean washroom can harbour pathogens. In this blog, we will explain the best way to ensure that your bathroom is as hygienic as possible.

Washroom Germs: A Study

A 2013 survey found that 60% of participants used paper towels to open public bathroom doors – we are all aware of the potential for germs on surfaces, but the average toothbrush holder contains almost 40% more mould and yeast than the toilet seat! The potential for washrooms in the workplace to breed and spread germs is far higher than we realise, and a daily wipe-down may not be enough in these high-traffic areas.

AIRSteril: A Solution

AIRSteril units utilise a mix of technologies (dual UV light irradiation, photocatalytic oxidation, and superoxide ions) to clear 99.9% of airborne germs within 10 minutes. The system also prevents most airborne microorganisms from being deposited on surfaces so they cannot continue to grow. This reduces offensive odours and the spread of infections, providing a long-term hygiene solution.

How can TWC Facilities Help?

At TWC we can supply and install AIRSteril units, in order to clean the air and surfaces in enclosed spaces 24/7. The aerosol effect of flushing the toilet can render traditional cleaning methods ineffective, but cleaning the air protects against this. So, why not give AIRSteril a try to keep your bathrooms clean and your staff protected?

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