The Importance of Hand Dryers

hand dryers

A hand dryer may seem like a “one size fits all” piece of equipment, but the reality is that there are a huge range of specialised products available to suit the specific needs of your business.

This week, we’re going to draw attention to the hand dryer, and explain why choosing the right one can make a huge difference to the way your staff experience your washroom.

A hand dryer is a quicker, easier way of enabling your employees to dry their hands in the washroom than a traditional paper towel dispenser. Not only will a hand dryer never run out or need to be restocked in the same way that consumable paper towels do, but it also means that your washroom produces far less waste. Not having to dispose of large quantities of paper towels not only saves your business money, but reduces your impact on the environment.

Cost and Efficiency
Furthermore, the modern hand dryer is much more energy efficient and effective than previous models, meaning that your employees can dry their hands quickly without driving up your electricity bill. Our experts can visit your premises and assess the requirements of your washroom, meaning that you only install and run as many units as you require, also keeping costs as low as possible. Modern hand dryers are also typically far quieter, allowing your employees to work undisturbed even if they are situated close to a washroom.

How Can TWC Help?
At TWC, we are passionate about finding the right solutions for our clients. Your priorities for your washroom can be taken into account when we recommend products and services– for example, if you are concerned about energy usage, our touch-free models are activated once a hand is placed beneath them, cutting out the waste of a timer-based drying cycle.

For more information, please get in touch.

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