Urinal Water Saving Systems and Sustainability

urinal water saving

If you are looking to save money and make environmentally-friendly choices within your business, how many things would you consider before you thought about urinals?

Your washroom facilities can be an excellent way to conserve water (and your budget) – so, why not give TWC a call to discuss urinal water saving systems?

Last month marked the driest July in England since 1935: conserving water should be a priority for us all. At a time when hosepipe bans are sweeping the nation, and parts of England may move into a drought, every measure your business takes to avoid wasting water unnecessarily can help. TWC can install urinal water saving systems for businesses around the North East, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire, and then maintain them for you moving forward.

Saving Money
By regulating the flow of water through urinals (and ensuring that the water shuts off when not in use), urinal water saving systems can minimise your wastage. The service and function of your washroom facilities will not be affected, meaning that your staff will enjoy the same high-quality, clean, functional washrooms that they expect from their employer, whilst your environmental and economic impact is lessened.

TWC: Discrete and Professional
At TWC, not only can we install and maintain your urinal water saving systems, we can also provide urinal sleeves to reduce the chance of blockages and limit unpleasant smells. We understand that the environment within your washrooms is as important as your impact on the world outside it, and so we can pair these services with any of our other washroom offerings, allowing you to personalise your washroom maintenance as required.

For more information, you can contact us.

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