Vending Machine Outsourcing: Be Prepared!

vending machines

Vending machines are a vital and valued addition to washrooms in a huge variety of commercial facilities– giving visitors a chance to source essentials, particularly if they have an unexpected need.

However, they rely on a constant and vigilantly maintained product supply; in this blog, we want to explain how outsourcing this can help keep your business running smoothly.

Vending Machines

At TWC, we offer vending machines to suit a variety of requirements and spaces. This includes slim styles (perfect for smaller spaces that still need to offer essentials), and larger models for more spacious washrooms. If your washroom is public, most people will expect to see vending services incorporated– and, even if it is not, many businesses can also benefit from providing these useful and considerate options for their staff.

Stockage and Maintenance

The first important consideration is to choose products that your washroom visitors are likely to require– for example, if your office staff are the only users of a washroom, a nappy vending machine is unlikely to be used. Once you have decided what to provide, the vending machine then becomes a constant task of product monitoring, ordering, and replenishing. Rather than giving this workload to a member of your staff, outsourcing the restocking can allow your people to focus on what they do best, whilst ensuring that your washroom still makes a positive impression.

How Can TWC Help?

There are many different products that you can supply in washroom vending machines– to name the most common: nappies; sanitary products, and health products. Our expert team at TWC can assist you in selecting the products that your customers will actually want and use, ensuring that your vending machine is cost-effective. We can streamline the service from installation to stocking, and schedule restocking to suit your needs.

For more information on our washroom vending services, please contact us.

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