Janitorial Suppliers

Having all the nice facilities and dispensers in a washroom is great but if there is nothing in them or basic supplies such as toilet paper are missing, then people will complain and it can make a poor impression on your visitors and customers.

TWC Facilities Ltd offer a comprehensive range of washroom services to cover all of your needs but at the heart of these services is the janitorial supply service. Even if you have a basic washroom facility, there are some things that you will always need and buying these from a specialist can save you money as well as helping to ensure you have the items when you need them.

We offer three main areas in janitorial supplies – toilet tissue and dispensers, paper hand towels and dispensers plus hand washing dispensers and consumables. Our aim is to provide the combination of items that you require for your washroom and have them delivered to you and installed on a schedule that suits your needs. This might mean occasional use or may be a very frequent schedule depending on the amount of use your washroom receives.

We personalise all the quotes we offer so we can chat with you about the facilities you have and what you need. We can also create packages that include other services ranging from nappy waste disposal to the installation and stocking of vend machines.

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