Odour Control

In many cases, unpleasant odours are an irritation or an embarrassment but we often don’t consider the problems from the cause of the odour. With Odour Control services from TWC Facilities Ltd, you can have solutions in place to deal with both the odour and the cause to ensure that your business premises smells great but is also protected from germs and bacteria.

Washrooms are the most commonly used example of where odour control is crucial. Merely having a pleasant smell fill the room regularly doesn’t deal with the underlying problem – the cause of the smell. By using a modern odour control system, you can refresh the air in the space and also ensure that the cause of the smell doesn’t spread to cause greater problems.

We have installed systems in businesses across the North East as well as into Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Our services have worked for companies as diverse as office premises, dentist surgeries and manufacturing plants and can create a personalised service to suit your needs.

In addition to odour control, we also offer a range of other washroom services that means we can help deal with all of the problems these facilities offer. From air freshener installation to the removal of nappy bins, we are here to help with what you need.


Our service includes the use of AIRsterile, a modern technology-based way to deal with odours. AIRsteril effectively eliminates both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, certified for efficacy by the UK Health Protection Agency laboratories.

The system can:

  • Clear offensive odours
  • Help businesses comply with regulations
  • Control infections
  • Improve healthcare in the business
  • Create an improved environment for staff & customers
  • Reduce contamination risks
airsteril odour control

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