P-Wave Urinal Mats for Gents’ Urinals in support of NHS England Cancer Awareness Campaign

TWC Facilities Ltd proudly stands as a leading supplier of P-Wave urinal mats specifically designed for gents’ urinals, aligning with the recent partnership between P-Wave and NHS England for a crucial cancer awareness campaign.

The initiative, prominently branded under NHS England, carries the message, ‘Blood in your pee, contact your GP practice.’ The urinal mats, provided by TWC Facilities Ltd, not only contribute to cleanliness and hygiene but also play a vital role in encouraging individuals to prioritise their health and seek prompt medical attention in the face of potential warning signs.

Key Features of TWC’s P-Wave Urinal Mats

High Fragrance Load:
These urinal mats boast a high fragrance load, ensuring a long-lasting, fresh aroma in restroom facilities.
EcoPure® Additive:
With an EcoPure® additive, the mats enhance faster biodegradation, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.
Splash-Eliminating Design:
The urinal mats feature a ‘splash-eliminating’ angled bristle design, promoting cleanliness and reducing maintenance efforts.
Double-Sided, ‘Anyway Up’ Installation:
Designed for convenience, the mats can be installed ‘Anyway Up,’ offering flexibility in placement.
Beneficial Bacteria for Deodorising:
Infused with beneficial bacteria, these mats contribute to effective deodorising and maintaining a pleasant restroom environment.
Waterless Urinal Compatibility:
The mats are compatible with waterless urinals, offering versatility for various restroom setups.
Lower VOC’s:
TWC’s urinal mats exhibit lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), aligning with eco-friendly and health-conscious standards.
100% Recyclable:
Committed to sustainability, the urinal mats are 100% recyclable, contributing to responsible waste management practices.

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