Water Saving Week: Every Drop Counts

water saving week

Every May, we observe Water Saving Week — 2024 is the eighth annual event!  In this blog, we explain what this awareness week entails, and how you can get involved in conserving water and saving the planet.


What Is Waterwise?

The Waterwise vision statement is “Water will be used wisely every day, everywhere, by everyone”, and its work strives to achieve this aim. The climate crisis and widespread water wastage has led to water scarcity across the UK, and without action, the problem will only continue to grow. Waterwise works with a huge variety of stakeholders, including UK water retailers, the National Drought Group, and DEFRA.


What is Water Saving Week?

Hosted by Waterwise, Water Saving Week is an annual awareness campaign that promotes water efficiency. The campaign involves sharing water-saving tips and facts on social media, making small changes in our daily lives to avoid wasting water, and lobbying for legislative and worldwide changes to water conservation. Water Saving Week is designed to educate the public about the value of water as both a resource and a human right.


How Can I Help?

There are countless ways for you to save water, and every drop counts — if everyone implemented small water-saving changes to their routines, we could change the world! For example, try to have short, efficient showers instead of baths whenever possible (a bath can use around 80 litres of water), and always turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth to save up to 6 litres per minute. Use the “eco” setting on your washing machine and dishwasher, avoid hoses and sprinklers (which use up to 12 baths worth of water per hour), and install a water butt to catch rainwater for use in the garden instead.


For advice on increasing water efficiency in your workplace, you can contact the TWC team here.

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